9 inexpensive gift-wrapping ideas

9 inexpensive gift-wrapping ideas

The holiday season is one of sharing and gathering. It's time to show the people around us: work colleagues, school staff or friends who will receive us at their table how much we appreciate them by offering them a nice gift.

To do this, I offer you beautiful original gift-wrapping ideas, at a minimal cost and that you can make in a short time.

Do not hesitate to let your children get their hands dirty even if it is not perfect as in the photo, they will be so proud to participate in the making of a gift for their teacher!

Find your child's heart and make the preparation of this present fun.

Homemade cake packaging boxes for sweets

Are you known for your fantastic desserts? Offer a treat prepared at home!

Here is the perfect presentation to offer: brownies, squares of marshmallow puffed rice, cakes and bars of all kinds. The recyclable aluminium dish is environmentally friendly and does not require returning the container to the person who gave the gift. I really like the idea of ​​using two paper lace doilies tied with a beautiful ribbon. To complete it all, why not include a copy of your recipe with your gift?

Potted snowman cake packaging boxes

So many people are working to make our children's daily lives easier and safer: the teacher, the remedial teacher, the school secretary, the bus driver, the crossing guard and so on .

Here is a great gift idea to thank all these important people! You need a mason jar that you will fill with white candies to recall the color of a snowman. You glue three black buttons and tie a few strands of red wool around the cover to reproduce the man's scarf.

Minute packaging!

Chocolate makes everyone happy!

Obtain chocolate bars from which you will remove the foil wrapping and keep only the foil. Then cut out a rectangle of festive patterned wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper the size of your chocolate bar. If you prefer a more sober style, opt for kraft paper, black or white paper. Glue the paper to the back of the tablet using stick glue or double-sided tape. Finish it off by adding ribbons, ropes, bells, stickers or even a small branch of greenery like rosemary or cedar!

Cupcake in jar

Another great use for the mason jar! Offer a nice cupcake in a small mason jar turned upside down. Tie jute thread or a beautiful ribbon around the lid. It is an express gift idea, especially if you buy the cupcakes from your favourite pastry chef! These jars make one of the best cake packaging boxes.

Giant cookie packaging

What a good idea! Would you have had the reflex to find your cake packaging boxes’ ideas on the side of the office supply stores?

A giant cookie comes in a compact disc sleeve. It's all in the presentation: surrounded by a beautiful string in festive colours and attached with a beautiful label, this gift will surprise more than one!

Marshmallows for hot chocolate


These marshmallows are so much fun to make! Insert a cardboard straw or wooden stick into the marshmallow. They are then dipped in chocolate (dark, milk or white) then sprinkled with small candies. They can be eaten as they are or melt slowly in a good hot chocolate.

Gift in jar

Succulents such as succulents have been popular in decorating lately. In addition to being very aesthetic, they only require a minimum of care.

There are several original ways to package your plant:

  • Use a painted terracotta pot.
  • Wrapped in parchment paper tied with a beautiful ribbon,
  • In all simplicity in a brown bag, the ones we use for lunch. Turn the edge of the bag on itself to show the plant and decorate the whole with a pretty ribbon

More cookies!

Milk and cookies: the classic combination!

This packaging idea for cookies is fun and eco-friendly. You get a 1 liter carton of milk. Make an opening on one side leaving one side attached to the box, it will look like a door. Cut a square of parchment paper or waxed paper that you will place at the bottom of the box before placing your cookies. Add straws for the milk that will accompany the cookies.

The small reindeer with a red nose

A gift with a presentation that will make the recipient smile for sure!

For the beer or root beer lover, the bottles are transformed into a little reindeer with a red nose. You attach two funny eyes and a red pompom to each bottle using a hot glue gun. Brown pipe cleaners will be used to recreate the antlers of our little reindeer.

In the above article, we have share innovative gift-wrapping ideas which you can use for any occasions and festivals. Mintprint is the best cake box supplier in the United Kingdom. Visit our website to stay updated with more blogs like this.