5 best cake packing boxes for you to delight your customers

cake packing boxes

There is no doubt that baking is an art. It shows it from the choice of ingredients, to its decoration.

Therefore, it is important that details and freshness are maintained until the customer receives them. And to achieve this, you have to pay special attention to the packaging.Choosing the right cake packaging box will ensure that your bakery products remain in perfect condition during all stages: From the kitchen, to transportation, and finally to sale.Here are some of the best packaging for this important culinary branch:


Ideal forcakes and pies!

This type of cake packaging box is transparent, flexible and is characterized by having an easy opening and closing.It keeps the product safe at all times and, in addition, it is very user-friendly for its consumers.Its design is sophisticated and modern, giving your desserts the premium level, they deserve.


This cake packaging box is perfect for zeppelins and small cakes.

Its design is hermetic, it closes with excellent precision, without letting air or liquids pass through, and it fits properly with the product.It is transparent, which makes it very convenient to show the decoration and texture of the cakes.Highly recommended for commercial use, thanks to its compact size and safety.


Hinged box

The hinged cake packaging box is made for small products, for example: Cookies, brownie slices and candies.

Its design is practical, stackable and structurally resistant. Which makes it ideal for both companies and customers. Beneficial in every way!


Donut box

A specialized cake packaging box for one of the world's favourite products: Donuts! This type of box is made to completely protect each one of them. They keep them cool, protected and make sure to retain their distinctive circular shape.


Another specialized design for another of the pastry favourites: Goblets.

Its personalized shape makes the cups always look in perfect condition. And like other packages we have mentioned, it is hermetic, which keeps them fresh and with excellent presentation.

We know how important it is for the confectionery industry to preserve their products perfectly and show the best of them through the packaging. We assure you that each of these designs will meet your expectations. Give them a try!

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