Cake Packaging Boxes for cakes, pies & biscuits

Cake Packaging Boxes

A piece of juicy cake is a sweet sin that can make everyone excited. From fine chocolate cakes to light and cheerful sponge rolls, there is a lot to find and try in a pastry shop for every sweet tooth. But how will your customers safely bring home a nice pastry on the coffee table at home? We offer cake and pastry packaging boxes, cake packaging and paper plates in a variety of designs and formats specifically for this task.

Packaging for cakes and pies should meet many conditions. On the one hand, it preserves the sweet specialty during transport so that it feels fresh to the confectioner even when it is made at home or cut. Cake packaging, on the other hand, must be functional, for example, that is, it must not only be easy for sales staff, but also pleasant for the customer to use. Last but not least, the design of pastry packaging or cake packaging boxes must also be appropriate, because after all, the eye also eats. From traditional, elegant designs to creative, modern designs, you can find the right designs here, from cardboard trays to pastry packaging boxes.

Once the baked cakes and pies are ready and should be transported or delivered, then proper and attractive cake packaging boxesbe missing. Whether cake or cake boxes, or bags for small baked goods - at Mintprint you will definitely find the right thing to optimally package your home-baked baked goods.

Useful for packing cakes and pies

Once your cake or tart is fully baked, decorated and you don't want to eat it at home, you need cake packaging boxes. A frozen cake box is ideal for transporting baked items. Because baked items will not be damaged in transport only if it is well packed. It can also be offered in an attractive box.

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Cake packaging boxes

There are several types of cake boxes. The range includes sturdy cake boxes with and without a pattern, for whole cakes or for a few pieces of cake. There are also cake box boxes with windows, so-called window boxes, through the window you can appreciate the already baked cakes.

Cake transport boxes

You can easily transport muffins or cupcakes in our carry boxes. These boxes look good, are fairly stable and can be easily moved with the help of a handle. Of course, you can also use this cake box or cake box for individual pieces of cake or cake.  We also have a paper carrier bag with hard bottoms. In this bag you can best put the cake tray around and on which you can put the pastry. If you are planning to cut and transport the cream cake already, cream cover paper is ideal, as it prevents the cut surfaces from drying out and nothing sticks together.

Cool boxes

Especially for hot days, cake packaging boxes made of Styrofoam, equipped with cooling elements. You can use it to transport your cakes, chocolates or other heat-sensitive baked goods in the summer. The cooling elements can be used over and over again, so you have something longer than a cake packaging box.

Tunnel Shaped Cake Packaging Boxes

There is a special transparent tunnel tube but has a very festive effect due to the small stars and fir trees and is therefore ideal to give. We also provide gold coloured locking clips to close the pastry bag or tube. So, all of your delicacies are amazingly wrapped.

Chocolate capsules

Chocolates are also considered to be particularly noble. If you have already made them yourself, they should also be stylishly packaged. If you want to wrap each praline individually, we recommend praline capsules . Then the little treats are a nice eye-catcher, especially as a present.

Pastry bags & pastry trays

If you would like to give away cookies during the Christmas season or biscuits all year round and make sure that you can see your lovingly and lavishly produced works of art, then we recommend a transparent small pastry bag with a white lace print  . Our range also complements pastry trays . These are made of sturdy cardboard and consist of two push-together bowls with gold-coloured inner surfaces. This type of packaging is particularly ideal for cookies and biscuits.

With our range of cakes and tart packaging boxes, your pastry creations are best packaged. Then whether it’s a piece or a cut, cakes and tarts can be safely transported and stay in top shape. We have all the modern cake packaging boxes and cake trays. We offer cake packaging boxes in a variety of sizes and designs, either printed with a neutral muffin that fits the cake theme or not printed. Choose between classic, modern or elegant printing - depending on your company's approach.

Our cake and pastry packaging boxes combine all of these properties and gives your customers the feeling that your sweet creations are something special. You'll not only find delicately ideal boxes for melted pastries and cupcakes, but also for classic cakes and getaways, classic Christmas biscuits and other delicacies.

We have the exact cake or biscuit packaging boxes that are definitely right for you. In our onlineshop you can choose from a variety of different sizes, shapes and designs. If you have any questions, just contact our competent team - we'll be happy to help!