Why to use Corrugated cardboard boxes for Packaging

Corrugated cardboard boxes are the choice for many brands and industries. Its superior quality construction ensures that material can carry a wide range of weights, protects against moisture and provides sustainable packaging solutions. As a corrugated packaging manufacturer, here’s an overview of everything you need to know about corrugated boxes and reasons to use custom corrugated cardboard boxes. But first let us understand how these corrugated cardboard boxes are made.

 How custom corrugated boxes are made:-The raw material of corrugated cardboard boxes is containerboard grade of paper. The first liner becomes the flat facing of the board and is primarily made from the long fibres of softwood trees. Medium which becomes the fluted middle layer of the corrugated board is made primarily from shorter fibre from hardwood trees. It is all made in a machine called a single phase.

 Types of different custom corrugated boxes:- There are different types of custom corrugated boxes you can use to pack your product. There are hundreds of different box styles you could choose from but in general, they fall into two basic categories those that required custom made tooling and those that do not.

 Firstly, the boxes that don’t require any custom tooling that means it will be cheaper to jump into production but it also means that they’ll require tapes to assembles for example, regular slotted container, it doesn’t require custom tooling but again you will need tape to close it now. Another type is full overlap boxes they are made in a similar fashion but the flaps actually go all the way across. It means that they require more material to produce but they also are stronger so if you’re shipping something heavy or you have a design that you want on a full surface this is a great option.

There are many other different types of boxes like roll and front tuck, roll end top tuck, literature mailer or just e-commerce mailer. They are beautifully made plus creates a nice unboxed feel for your customers.

 Advantages of custom corrugated boxes:

  • Environment-friendly:- It will be the perfect fit for the phrase “Recycle Reuse Reduce” because cardboard boxes can be easily recycled. In fact, if you do not wish to recycle the boxes, you can easily reuse them to keep important things and seal them too. This will reduce the usage of further boxes.
  • Cost-effective:- the cost to make corrugated boxes is very low. Starting from the machine that gives shape to the box to the labour that folds and makes the box complete, the amount of money involved is really nominal.
  • Protect goods:- corrugated cardboard boxes are essential to protect goods & products. The great thing about cardboard boxes is they are essentially accessible & affordable.
  • Flexible shapes and designs:- the custom cardboard boxes are very flexible and easy to use. it can be cut, stapled & glued. You can make boxes of any size or shape as per your product specification.