Role of Custom Cardboard Boxes in Modern Packaging Industry

custom cardboard boxes


Role of Custom Cardboard Boxes in Modern Packaging Industry

Today’s packaging industry is becoming familiar to regular use of custom cardboard boxes for packaging, and why not? Using these custom boxes is the inexpensive and easiest way to build your brand name in packaging domain. These custom cardboard boxes are widely employed as a medium for shipping and storing the products while preventing any damage to it.

Before we move ahead, let us refresh our idea on ‘What are custom cardboard boxes? Well, as the name suggests, cardboard boxes which can be easily designed in various shapes/size/layouts, etc. (based on business requirement) are called ‘Custom Cardboard Boxes’ or ‘Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes’.

Why Modern Packaging Business should adopt Custom Box Packaging? What’s so special in it?

The answer for the above can be showcased through the following points:                                                                                                              

  1. Present your own Brand Story

The meaning is clear. You need to use a lot of creativity in designing your cardboard boxes that give an insight to the customer about how you started. From being a small business entity to a known brand, how your journey has been conveyed inspires consumers in giving preference to your brand for purchasing goods.

  1. Increase Customer Loyalty

A quality product with impressive ‘perfectly fit’ cardboard packaging, custom-designed as per the product type. If this is what your target audience receives giving them a reason to recognize your brand, then this can enhance customer loyalty to the fullest. Make sure your custom cardboard boxes should be so catchy that it tells the customer how much you care about your products.

This is an era of Social Technology. Anything that excites the users, they are keen to share the same on social media. Now, what if your custom cardboard box (made for product packaging) catches user attention so nicely and quickly? Surely, it gets a tendency to get spread among large audience in less time. That gives a huge boost to your product and brand promotion.

Some Amazing Stats that urge you to reconsider the way you package your Products.

  1. Businesses see a 30% increase in consumer interest when using premium packaging

When you give enough effort on how uniquely you can do product packaging to please the customers, it will convert your efforts into long lasting customer relationship.

  1. 90% of customers reuse product packaging after purchase

That’s quite obvious. Now think in the same way for your custom cardboard boxes. If they are uniquely designed to provide a better product fit, they can even please your customer to reuse it which makes one’s affinity for your brand stronger.

  1. 40% of consumers are likely to share the photo of an interesting packaging on Social Media. (83% of them would on Facebook)

Consider the same in this way – If your product is provided with a catchy custom cardboard packaging, it can prompt the user to share the same on social media with friends. This gives your brand FREE impressions and brand awareness.

Custom Cardboard Boxes v/s Other Packaging Boxes

The following data depicts the comparative analysis of the above two –

Other Packaging Boxes (like Stock Packaging)

  • They are meant for ready-made, generic packaging.
  • They are produced in large quantities at a low cost with a limited range of styles and fonts.
  • Mostly preferred by retail companies as they don’t focus much on packaging being custom-made.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

  • Custom Packaging is created and designed in a unique way to fit a product perfectly.
  • Manufacturers can create a wide range of packaging styles and need a minimum cost to order 1 unit of packaging.
  • Companies do prefer this custom packaging method since level of customer service is enhanced in custom packaging than Stock packaging.

 What to prefer from the above?

Custom packaging can be preferred since it gives a ‘catchy look’ amidst competition when trying to connect with your customers. Since this packaging provides a better fit to the product, it minimizes unnecessary material wastage occurring due to ill-fitting by stock packaging. Thereby, reducing the shipping cost also.

 Major Benefits of Custom Cardboard Boxes that compels you to use it for Packaging

  • It’s quite favourable since you can select the ‘material type’ best suited to your product.
  • It’s recyclable and eco-friendly too since it is easily decomposed by soil.
  • Helps in raising brand awareness by using it strategically for elegant product packaging.
  • Significantly reduce transportation and storage cost.
  • Custom boxes are highly suitable in protecting perishable items during transport.
  • A good packaging will help building a consistent brand image among customers.

 How can you use your Custom box effectively? 

Your custom cardboard box can be used effectively by trying out methods like the ones below:

  1. Have an idea of what kind of item you are sending.

This indicates that kind of product item you are shipping to customers, the custom packaging boxes have to be suitable and durable to carry the item safely. So that customers can get their product in proper condition. For example, if you are shipping delicate items then you need to make sure the cardboard box can sustain it longer without any damage. Similarly, you can consider other parameters when transporting electronic items or ‘items of everyday use’.

  1. Place the item in Custom Box carefully - Here, when placing your product in the cardboard box, use a layer of bubble wraps, air pillows or folded newspaper. Make sure the heavy product is placed at the bottom while light ones at the top. Any unused space inside the box can be filled with layers of bubble wraps so that the product doesn’t bump in the box.
  1. Use the right tape for the right product  - The tape closing the seal of the cardboard box should be rigid enough to carry the product safely. Based on this, various types are available to carry a different kind of products like gift wrap tape, masking tape, etc. The tapes have to be applied in H-shape format. Make sure the top and bottom part of the box is taped in the same H-shaped manner to ensure maximum strength.

  1. Labeling your Cardboard Box

Adding a label for return address and customer’s address is needed in custom cardboard boxes. Whether it’s Priority mail, Express mail or special services, including a label for each of your custom packaging box engages your customers really well. Try to place such labels at the left or above the delivery address.

Can my Custom Packaging Box be made attractive to please customers?

Yes, definitely. If you are determined to do so then we have some cool solutions for the same. Here are the ways that make your custom cardboard box look worth attractive.

  1. Printing

Nowadays, brands prefer beautifully designed custom printed boxes for packing and shipping their products. That increases cardboard boxes wholesale since they beautifully hold products and deliver the brand message to customers.

 Some of the common printing options for this can be Off Set Printing, Flexography and Digital printing (The latter two are more popular as they offer high quality graphics thereby making the packaging look more attractive).

  1. Custom Printed Tissue Papers

Not just a good quality product but even good packaging and related services are also becoming a prime factor for a brand in maintaining high customer satisfaction. Hence, it’s time for the brands to use Custom Printed Tissue Papers. In this way, they can form quality and unique packaging to their products so as to give a memorable experience to customers.

  1. Hot Foil Embossing

One more way to make an attractive cardboard box is Hot Foil Embossing or Stamping. It involves use of heat, metal dies, pressure and foil film to craft a desired packing design and printing. Metallic foil is more popular these days especially silver, gold and holographic metallic foils. 


So, have you made up your mind in using Custom Cardboard Boxes for the products you purchase?

To make your purchase decision easy, we have compiled Few Checkpoints a Consumer can use when buying Custom Cardboard Boxes. Let’s start!


  1. Do check the types of cardboard boxes available and what goes best for your product.

Custom boxes, as the name says, are designed specifically based on kind of product. So, the different types and styles are available. A consumer needs to check which type will fit the product properly. Some of the custom packaging styles are Wholesale Cardboard Boxes, Bespoke Boxes, etc.


  1. Check the way you want your custom box to be printed.

This talks about printing options available for your custom cardboard packaging. Flexography, Digital printing, Litho Label Printing are available but Flexographic approach is widely used for custom cardboard printing. It works like an inkpad for stamping.

  1. The Size and Quality of Box provided by Supplier.

The bigger the size, the bigger is the transportation/shipping cost. This makes sure you crosscheck the size and quality of the custom box carrying your product.

One has to check the content and shipment costs while selecting the custom box size as knowing this is vital for the business.

  1. Checking the custom box design along with features and review of Packaging Manufacturers

Figure out the best design matching your product that conveys the theme message it carries. Apart from this, it’s must to have complete knowledge about the packaging manufacturer. Look for reviews on social media. Choose your manufacturer wisely and ask thoroughly about every aspect of custom box manufacturing. After all, you can’t compromise on quality and value to your customers.


 Based on what you want to offer to your target consumers and that too uniquely, use of custom cardboard box is surely going to become a top choice in the modern packaging industry.

Use it and provide that ‘Feel with the Difference’ to your target audience to build your brand personality.