Product Packaging Trends 2020

By 2022, the global packaging market is expected to reach the US $ 980 billion, according to Smithers Pira. However, like all industries, the packaging industry is experiencing interesting developments year after year, accompanied by ever-increasing challenges. With the growing importance of ecological concerns, how to satisfy the needs of its customers while taking into account the societal dimension around packaging? So we innovate, we invent alternatives, we try to change the technical aspect of its pack while ensuring the protection of its product. Results in 2020, trends are confirming and shaking up the packaging market.

We can never tell you enough, the packaging must be an integral part of the communication strategy of your online sales brand (e-commerce). Why? Because in addition to containing your articles, it can become a real marketing tool, a vector of your brand image, a relay of your messages ... How? By personalizing it! The custom-made cardboard packaging allows you to deploy your visual identity, your graphic universe, your ecological commitments while improving the shopping experience for your customers. It's a win-win!

Organic custom cardboard boxes

In relationship with the items they contain, these custom cardboard boxes are encountering a genuine blast. This remarkably includes the transmission of qualities and mindful utilization concentrated on a feasible turn of events. Experts contend in imaginativeness to offer a calculated offer dependent on kraft paper and cardboard. Notwithstanding a characteristic cachet, the bundling is subsequently an essential piece of the item. It is down to earth to deal with and can likewise be utilized for a second use after its first use. Numerous bundles are currently biodegradable or recyclable.

Ecological and custom cardboard boxes

The packaging is biodegradable if 90% of its materials degrade in under a half year. Certain materials from agribusiness are utilized for manufacturing custom cardboard boxes. Consequently, corn starch or stick mash will permit the creation of bio-based bundling. Be mindful so as to separate among biodegradable and compostable components. Compostable packaging debases in under a quarter of a year and is proposed for local or industrial fertilizing of the soil. Furthermore, makers additionally utilize other characteristic materials, for example, pinewood or bamboo to discover options in contrast to plastic or other non-biodegradable segments.

Interactive custom printed packaging

How about we move away from conventional bundling, which makes the item increasingly appealing to shoppers, and proceed onward to interactive custom-printed packaging. We saw this sort of bundling show up toward the beginning on oat boxes for youngsters with games, riddles, and drawings to complete. Here, rather than making intuitiveness between the bundling and the purchaser, we make one between the packaging and the product. It is in this manner conceivable to make "occasional" or "limited time" packaging for uncommon occasions or national occasions.

Kit & subscription custom-designed boxes

With the impact of the Amazon Effect, consumers have become used to receiving certain products in the form of custom-designed boxes and kits. It is an opportunity for companies to sell more products at the same time and save on transport and storage costs.

E-commerce custom cardboard boxes


10% of the packagings by online stores are conveyed in rough shape. This is an issue that purchasers would not experience in retail and which consequently urges organizations to reexamine their item packaging.

Straightforward goal: to guarantee speed of transport, item security, and consumer loyalty. To put it plainly, this includes fortifying the materials picked to advance the insurance of the bundle. In this manner, a few organizations are turning for instance to ridged cardboard. It is a material made out of at least one-sheets of fluted paper stuck between cardboard sheets. Recyclable, light, and safe, this kind of custom cardboard boxes offer numerous focal points of transport and protection.

Adaptation to custom-designed boxes

Significant brands additionally choose to lessen the heaviness of essential packaging for items expected for mass utilization and are adjusting to custom-designed boxes. This permits them to lessen waste and creation costs. Different organizations additionally go further by adjusting their bundling to nearby specificities. As indicated by the retail locations, the items won't be packaged similarly, particularly in the event that they are planned to be moved over significant distances since they will require more assurance. This requires inside and out the strategic reflection in any case, in the long haul, can spare time and decrease bundling creation.

Smart and connected custom-designed boxes


A  few organizations are situating themselves on pack procedures outfitted towards the straightforwardness and morals of their image. They will have a plan of action for the improvement of keen bundling. These have an instructive capacity and must permit more prominent preservation of the items.

Changes in buyers' ways of life are additionally pushing brands to improve the client experience and "digitize" their bundling. For instance, they will include newness chips, permit better item detectability or fix QR-codes, and so on.


We understand the needs of our customers and hence try to stay updated with the current and trending changes in the packaging industry. Understanding the current trends, we have listed above some of the best packaging trends of 2020.