Innovation Packaging – A Boon to the Packaging Industry in 2020

In the course of the recent couple of years, we have seen drastic changes in the packaging industry and the world is moving towards the more innovative, artistic and environment-friendly packaging technology.

Last year showed us unlimited innovations in the packaging industry. Some of the major e-commerce giants took these innovations to a new level and they focused more on the customer experience starting from the purchase to the un-boxing of the product.

Innovation Packaging pushed all the boundaries of creative design and artistic thinking to an extent where people couldn’t have imagined a few years back.

With each passing day, the packaging industry is coming up with more innovative ideas and all of these print and packaging companies are heading towards a common goal – reducing environmental pollution, recycling of wastes and minimizing the quantity of trash in our day to day life.

Some Methods of Innovation Packaging

Zero Waste Innovation Packaging

Zero Waste means designing and managing products where all the components of the products are recycled so that there is no waste or leftovers. 

 Zero Waste Packaging will eliminate the discharge of any kind of wastes or thrashes that can act as a threat to this planet and the living organisms on earth.

Zero Waste Packaging is a great innovation where innovators are trying different methods to eliminate packaging wastes completely, like designing edible containers nontoxic films, etc.

There’s somewhere around 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans every year, and it takes almost 200 years for a plastic to get decomposed which is turn affects the aquatic living organisms leading to their death or sometimes even extinction resulting in the misbalance of the entire ecosystems and consequently and slowly leading to Global Warming.

The zero-waste philosophy encourages reuse and recycling of packaging. The returnable glass bottles of soft-drinks are the best examples of zero-waste packaging. A shift from plastic packaging will allow consumers and manufacturers to reuse packaging, leaving behind no waste. Besides, the packaging can be completely recycled, or the packaging biodegrades without causing any harm to the environment.

Skin packaging

The idea of Skin Bundling came into life to take care of the issue of food packaging. The packaging comprises of an aluminum plate where the food mainly meat is put and a meager plastic layer is utilized to cover the nourishment.

 The nourishment is principally vacuum pressed along these lines expanding the time span of usability of the item and this type of packaging is 200% recyclable making it a greater condition to well disposal. This Skin Packaging innovation is extremely simple to work and the clients need to just strip off the plastic

Self – Heating Food Packaging

Chengdu Weilan Enterprise Marketing: after doing proper research on the important aspects related to food such as its safety, consumer convenience, and attractive design invented this innovative packaging idea. The self-heating food packaging is convenient for all kinds of foods mainly, baby foods, soups, noodles, meat, tea, coffee, pasta, etc.

The primary target of self-heating food packaging is to serve hot and ready to eat food which can be consumed instantly in this busy world. All you need to do is just add water!

Benefits of Innovation Packaging

Innovative packaging involves creative designs and ideas which help in boosting the brand popularity of the product giving customers a special importance from the appearance as well as from the uniqueness which sets it apart from its competitors.

It is also more sustainable and cost-effective, saving unwanted resources from the warehouse and hence saving the extra expenditure. Innovative packaging plays a vital role in the brand marketing campaigns of the organization as well as the product.

Innovative packaging uses a renewable source of energy thereby making the world a safer and healthier place to live. These packagings are lighter in weight and easier to store, hence reducing shipping and packaging costs.

Previously companies used to use, plastic bubbles or Styrofoam materials to avoid damaging of the product but Innovation Packaging nowadays has shifted to paper bubbles using no or very little amount of plastic thereby eliminating the need for plastic bubble wrap to a larger extent.

Difference between Traditional Packaging and Innovation Packaging

The innovation packaging of your product speaks a lot about your brand story, unlike traditional packaging which focused entirely on the packaging of the products instead of brand awareness and user-friendliness. Apart from this, traditional packaging which seems to have a lot of hazardous effects on the environment, Innovation Packaging makes you more responsible to the society as well as this planet. Besides, companies can save a lot of their additional expenses which include mainly storage, packaging, warehouse, and shipping expenses.

Examples of Organizations who are already using Innovation Packaging


Tide is a  (P&G) clothing cleanser brand that used to be bundled in plastic holders. Through cooperation among Amazon and P&G, Tide changed from containers to boxes – called the Tide Eco-Box – for squander decrease, supportability, and ecological protection.

The Tide Eco-Box has around 60% less plastic and 30% less water than the past plastic bundling. Furthermore, the Eco-Box is four pounds lighter and ships to clients in its very own holder (an Amazon rule).

Nestlé, the biggest nourishment and drink maker on the planet, is making eco-accommodating upgrades and boosting client involvement with a similar time. Nestlé Japan uses recyclable paper packaging for its KitKat chocolate bars that highlight guidelines for how to overlay the wrapper into an origami crane.

IKEA has incorporated packaging that utilizes its 100% biodegradable mushroom-based material. Evocative Design created Mushroom Packaging – a product that biodegrades in a matter of weeks, as opposed to polystyrene, which takes thousands of years.

“More and more products are coming out in fiercely protective packaging designed to prevent consumers from consuming them. These days you have to open almost every consumer item by gnawing on the packaging.” – Dave Barry


Innovation packaging continues to be the most important turning point in the packaging industry and some organizations has already showed us a lot of miracles using their own unique packaging styles.