Mint-print Offers A Wide Range Of Products To Fit Your Business Needs

It is common knowledge that in the corporate world getting ahead of your competitors can often prove to be tougher than what you had hoped it would be. However, with the help of Mint-Print, you can get a number of products that would be at par with your business requirements. It is known that presentation goes a long way in making sure that your product or service is noticed in the modern day world. The personalized presentation folders from Mint-Print come in two sizes – A4 and A5. These presentation folders are created on Silk Art Boards that measure 400 GSM (grams per square meter).

They come with a gutter capacity of 3 mm and also possess die-cut slots where you can put in your business cards. They are printed both single and double-sided. You can also choose from single and double-sided lamination for the competitive edge that you need in your business. Mint-Print also makes personalized die cut folders.       

A5 duplicate sales invoice books

The NCR receipt books are also a major product category of Mint-Print and right on top of this list would be the A5 duplicate sales invoice books. With this, you would be able to produce a couple of duplicate receipts without needing carbon paper for the same. These books come in measurements of 210 mm X 148 mm. They are finished with a 900-micron backing board and happen to be stapled as well. They have 50 pages as well. These notebooks also have a card sheet that can be removed. This makes sure that you are saved the trouble of having to copy to the extra duplicates beneath.

Both the sheets are perforated in these cases. The book has sections with the following labels:

  • from
  • to
  • date
  • terms
  • customer ref
  • quantity
  • description
  • unit price
  • total
  • good total
  • VAT (value added tax)
  • invoice
  • total
  • VAT registration number

A5 duplicate delivery notebooks

With the help of this delivery notebook, you would be able to come up with a couple of duplicate goods receipts and you would not need carbon paper for the same. This is a lot like the previous product in terms of measurement, stapling, and finish, with the only difference being that it contains 100 pages. This one too features a removable card sheet that performs the same function as the one in case of the previous product. The sections, in this case, are labeled as the following:

  • received from
  • delivered to
  • contact
  • quantity and description
  • delivered by
  • weight
  • order number
  • received by


Apart from these Mint-Print also produces A6 petty cash voucher books, A6 receipt books, and A4 duplicate car sales invoice books. The best part of the products of this organization is that they can be personalized just the way you would want them to be.