Do's Don'ts While Printing Flyer

Flyers are one of the best and cost-effective medium of promotion via print media. Attractive, concise and cheap they have been around for ages and have proven their efficacy time and again. But it is pretty easy to mess up an amazing idea with a bad flyer design. Here is where design companies like mint-print come in print.

Let us take a look at some of the does and don’ts of flyer design:


  1. Keep it simple: Nothing turns off a potential customer like a bad flyer design. Cluttered, bad design and not being able to convey information properly kills a flyer and may be the cause for loss of potential clients. Keep it simple. Make sure that the headline, content and name of the company all are readable within 3 seconds. Use whitespace smartly and stay away from clutter.
  2. Identify your audience: Research is key when it comes to targeting who the flyer is aimed towards. The motivations, the passions of the customer will decide whether or not he will consider buying your service/product so having an in-depth knowledge about your audience will not only help you boost earnings more but also allow cost-cutting.
  3. Have a call to action: You are investing in flyers to sell your product right? So you should tell your customers exactly that. Customers don’t want to lead; they want to be lead. Always include a call to action in your flyer what your desire.
  4. Attention to details: Highlight the important details so that the audience can see them at a glance. Suppose you are designing a flyer for an event, don’t forget to include the details about the time and place etc. The content and design should go hand to hand. So focus on a good, minimal or fancy according to your work design that uses appropriate fonts, images and is pleasing to the eye.
  5. Quality matters: Use quality paper and printing services. They use high quality ink and papers so that not only do your designs look good but also stand out.


  1. Don’t forget the headline: You may have the best design and content but without an appropriate eye-catching headline none of that will get noticed. So always spend time in coming up with a headline.
  2. Don’t just list services: Don’t just put your services in bullet points. Show why you are better than others, be unique, be yourself and show why you are worth it to your customers.
  3. Don’t be passive: You have persuaded your potential customer this much and a small last push is necessary. Have special offers like discounts, coupons etc. in your flyers so that it doesn’t end up in the dustbin or put to other use.
  4. Don’t forget the rear: Utilize the back side of the flyer too rather than keeping it blank. Be creative and find out a proper use for it.
  5. Don’t forget to proofread: Not checking your content before you start printing and distributing could not only ruin your business name but can cause problems and loss of money too. So don’t forget this step.