Importance of custom packaging boxes for your business


Custom Packaging Boxes are generally used in the packaging of products in which the boxes are created according to your requirements that fit your product. The boxes that include dimension, printing, designs, logo, box shapes, color and finishing are called Custom Packaging Boxes.  Many businesses and startups use custom packaging as it allows them to stand out from their competitors. There are no. of companies around the globe that provide custom packaging boxes. Mintprint is one of them. You can easily advertise your brand as it is considered as the best marketing technique around the world.

 Why Custom packaging boxes are important?

Packaging of the product says a lot about your brand in a fraction of a second. Custom packaging boxes play a vital role across every industry, from furniture and cabinetry to electronics and clothing, etc. Your product packaging must protect the product while making a positive impression on your customers. The best way to achieve this is through Custom packaging boxes. If you are still using the same standard box for all your product packaging then it’s time for a change. Here are 5 reasons why you need Custom packaging boxes.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

Custom packaging boxes can be used to increase your brand awareness in this competitive market. Instead of using a plain cardboard box, you can utilize Custom packaging boxes that feature your brand. Your brand image can be displayed on both sides (outside & inside) the box to provide a great positive experience for your customer & to reinforce the brand.

2.     Increase in Sales  

Your packaging does a lot of things for your company. Good product packaging helps to boost your sales by enhancing the company’s overall appearance. When your packaging looks appealing people are more likely to make repeat purchases and successive orders.

On the other side, poor product packaging can lead to drops in sales, because product packaging is not appealing or recognizable to a buyer.  

  1. The same Size Does not work for all

Product packaging varies according to the shape & size of the product. Using the same standard boxes for packaging all your products is costly & inefficient. Rather than, you should use Custom packaging boxes for each product that you deliver. Mintprint Custom packaging boxes gives your business the ability to make the right shape & size boxes for your products. Custom packaging boxes guarantee your product’s specifications are met. Whether the product is large, small or odd-shaped. It provides the exact construction needed.

  1. Perceived Quality of Your Product

A packaging box does not need to be more expensive to look attractive. A few simple stylistic adjustments can give a plain box a high-end feel. When the quality of your packaging is high & look attractive, customers feel like they’ve received a good quality product.

  1. Use as another form of marketing

You can use Custom packaging boxes, as a unique element for selling. Custom packaging boxes describe to you why are you different than your competitors? Why should customers choose your products over the other brands?

Your product packaging is a key element that reminds your customers why they bought from you and also reminds them that the choice they made was the best choice.

 Types of Custom Packaging Boxes

When it comes to choose the best Custom packaging boxes for your product, there are a lot of options. Do you want to know the most requested types of custom packaging boxes?


  1. Corrugated cardboard boxes


Corrugated cardboard is consisting of three layers of paper:

  • an inside liner
  • an outside liner, and
  • Fluting which runs in between. The fluted layer is the place where the quality of this paper product lies. 

This material is great as a shipping box due to its durability

2.Rigid Boxes

These boxes are made from paperboard, which has a smooth taped surface and arrives fully assembled. Rigid boxes are mostly used for high-end product packaging (such as an iPhone or Android Phone boxes). This material delivers higher perceived product quality and value. Rigid Boxes are also called set-up boxes.

Folding Carton

Folding cartons are also called as paperboard cartons and paperboard boxes. These folding cartons are made from lightweight paperboard. This is a thick paper that is sturdy enough for product packaging (not as a shipping box). This material often results in an inexpensive product packaging boxes.

Difference between Stock and Custom packaging

When it’s all about packaging a product, we have two options: stock packaging and custom packaging. Let’s see how it is different from each other.

  1. Stock Packaging.

Stock packaging is basically a “ready-made, generic packaging”, it’s cheap to manufacture and it comes in a limited no. of sizes and styles. Stock packaging is also cost-effective, it is beneficial if you’re shipping a one-off item for your own purpose, but if you are running your own E-commerce business, stock packaging won’t give your product that “wow factor” that every consumer expect.

  1. Custom Packaging.

On the other side, if we talk about custom packaging, you can tailor boxes specifically for your product. You can customize each and every little detail about your packaging. It includes your logo, any customizable shape, printed designs, the color of your box, material & its outer dimensions too that fits your product. Pretty simple, right?

Why should business use Custom packaging boxes?

There are several reasons for using custom packaging boxes. Having a good product is not enough if you are not using custom packing for your products. You can’t ignore the influence of good packaging of products on customers. Custom packaging boxes give your product that refined & professional appearance that will help your brand to stand out among the competitors.


If you are running an E-commerce business, then custom packaging is for you. Investing in custom packing for a small business is an essential element to set your brand apart from others, conveys value, boost sales & attract new customers. We 100% recommend you to spend the money on custom packaging boxes. Because great branding is the key to every successful business. So “If you want to stand out above the rest! Custom packaging is the best”.


No matter what style you choose for your packaging boxes, your packaging should be based on what your customers are looking for. With the right designer on your side, you can create packaging that delights customers to continue their relationship with your brand. So start packaging your products in custom packaging boxes & you will be surprised with the benefit that brings to your sales. A packaging box can be worth so much more to your business than a container to transport your products. If you want to take your packaging to the next level, Mintprint is here.