How to make a beautiful, nicely wrapped cake?

Making cute cakes that are also wrapped in beautiful cake packaging boxes can be a great idea, for example for a loved one's birthday, for a party or for any other event. We often think wrongly that this is very complicated but it is not, we offer a little tutorial to get there easily!

First step: The cake

First of all, you'll have to make a cake. So that the packaging is beautiful without being too complex to make, we recommend the sugar paste which is a simple and effective way to bake a superb cake. Here are the steps to get there:

Recipe -Your cake will be covered with sugar paste, so you can choose a simple recipe, such as a yogurt cake or a chocolate cake. The main thing is that it is not wet and runny (raspberry type). Better a cake that is rather dry and solid on the surface, the result will be even more beautiful! 

Sugar paste-This is essential: it is this step that will allow you to obtain the desired effect, i.e. a beautiful cake! Note that the sugar paste is sold in supermarkets but that you can also make it yourself, this preparation is not difficult to carry out. 

You will find many recipes on the internet. Once you have your sugar dough in hand, you will need to spread it out on a work surface on which you have added icing sugar (to prevent it from sticking too much), using a rolling pin. 

Then, cover the whole of your cake with a ganache or a similar preparation so that your sugar paste can adhere well to your cake. Then you can gently place it on the surface of the cake. 

Second step: the box

Then, after you have finished your beautiful cake comes the step of making the cake packaging boxes in which you will put your cake. For that, you will have to be a little manual but, do not worry, this process is also very easy to achieve!

Creation of the cake packaging boxes- To help your cardboard box, there are many tutorials on the subject that you will find on the web. Although this step will take you a little time, it is nonetheless easy and accessible to all!


Once the box is made, you can decorate it as you wish and according to the style you want to give it. Indeed, you will not decorate it the same way if you want to give it to your spouse for Valentine's Day or to your friend at a baby-shower party! 

But whatever the theme you want to highlight through your box, you can add wrapping paper, ribbons and small cardboard decorative elements (stars, butterflies, flowers, etc.) that you can stick with decorative tape, these pretty adhesive tapes that are colorful and filled with patterns. 

You can also opt for labels and many other elements! Let your imagination run wild and get inspired by what is done elsewhere, on blogs, specialized sites and forums!

The best cake packaging boxes you should try this Christmas

Cupcake and muffin boxes

The cupcakes and muffins are fashionable. In Minprint, there are cake packaging boxes for individual and multi-unit cupcakes and muffins. They will be made from cardboard or plastic, and most significantly, in several sizes, so you'll choose the one that suits your needs.

Chocolate and candy boxes

Not all chocolate boxes need to be red. There are gold, white or chocolate and candy boxes, personalized to your liking! Gift these little pleasures within the perfect packaging and you'll get the foremost beautiful smiles!

Waffle trays

The waffles are delicious! It makes our mouths water just brooding about it.The cake packaging boxes for waffles are the simplest option for this sort of dessert. The cardboard trays with or without lid prevent the merchandise from staining the surface and can be transported comfortably.

Trays and plates for pastries

If you're one among those people that wish to serve sweets that look appealing to everyone, paper cake trays and plates are the simplest yet best option for your desserts that nobody can resist.

If you're looking to wrap pies, cookies and cakes, closed cardboard boxes are a trendy and tidy option. These boxes close completely, making them very convenient and secure. So you'll bring your cookies and cakes, to a celebration or to an occasion without fear about them escaping.

Packaging for pancakes

Sweet or savory, there are many possible combinations to organize this magnificent dessert. But regardless of how they're prepared, we'd like to be ready to offer a custom packaging that permits them to eat them comfortably. The pancake wrappers are hygienic, practical, disposable, comfortable, and, above all, suitable for the microwave, oven, and freezer.

The cake packaging boxes that we offer you are among the best boxes which make us the best cake box supplier in the U.K.The different sizes are suitable for professionals in bakery, pastry making and tea room accustomed to take out sweets, desserts, homemade birthday cakes. This range of cake packaging boxes at discount prices has different colors and sizes to meet all your packaging needs. We offer items with a great height such as square boxes or boxes with handles.