20 best ideas for the Christmas 2020 wrapping

Christmas is the time when sales are exploding for businesses, whether physical or online.

Why pay attention to your Christmas packaging

Your Christmas packaging is important for 4 reasons:

1. Christmas packaging refreshes your product image

2. Allows you to create unique variations of your product

3. Holiday packaging is an opportunity to surprise your customers, keep them, and encourage them to talk about your product around you.

4. It helps to create harmony with your special holiday season offers

 In this article, we will discuss the 20 best ideas for the Christmas 2020 wrapping.

1.    The classics: green and red

Christmas trees, lanterns, ornaments: in all of this we find green and red, typical symbols of the season. It is a beautiful combination of joy and good humor. It is an old-fashioned, of course, but also a safe bet where your customers will quickly see the Christmas spirit if you present the gifts in green and red custom-designed boxes.

2.Stand out with a golden and black mix 


Gold and black are the colors that signify the high end. Indeed, black is associated with beauty and gold rather than luxury and celebration. It is the perfect combination of Christmas custom printed packaging for a premium product. 

3.The rustic style


The rustic style creates natural warmth and its strength lies in its simplicity. Their natural color of Kraft works wonderfully. Apply a simple black or white pattern to it, the effect will be noticeable. Even a handwritten "Merry Christmas" can do the trick.

Indeed, our custom-designed boxes are made of recycled cardboard and decay. It is enough to meet the growing consumer demand for packaging with a significant economic burden.  

4.Use the Scandinavian sweater style

Take inspiration from the memorable designs of Scandinavian jerseys to design your Christmas custom printed packaging. These are beautiful, fresh, quick memories of the holiday season. And it can beautifully adorn a beautiful white box.

5.Switch to minimalism

Small design is ready to bring you closer to your customers. We often associate Christmas with busy designs but this popular holiday can actually benefit from a very small design. Using simple print, natural, and white custom cardboard boxes, you can create a festive atmosphere.

6.    Embossing

Embossing is a great solution for high-end products. It is a printing method that creates a 3D effect on the surface of the box. By adding texture to the surface of your box, you create an unusual touch. And if you cover the bounded area with hot stamping, you get a beautiful luminescent effect, perfect under a tree!

7.    Hot stamping

Hot stamping is a way to attach a certain part of the design to a glossy film. The effect produces a pattern of light that catches the eye.

These additions are sure to make a difference this Christmas. They make your celebrations special by giving premium looks on your products, enough to make beautiful Christmas custom-designed boxes and earn a lot of sales.

8.Print a special Christmas hashtag

Encourage your customers to talk about you by printing a festive hashtag in your inbox. All you have to do is let your pack shine on social networks!

 9.  Print a humorous text or visual

First and foremost, Christmas is a celebration that leaves room for joy and jokes between family and friends.

 10Use wood boxes

Wooden boxes are the perfect design for your package. They provide a rustic side and nest your products where there will be excellent results!

Also, it is a great addition to the extra shock to protect your products. Your customers will appreciate the attention and love by sharing your packaging on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube.

11.Create compartments and partitions inside

Do you like clean and tidy things? Possibly your customers too! The rooms inside your installation make it easy to plan and see everything at a glance. But that is not all: it is a good way to ensure the safety of your product. Your packaging is more attractive and as a result very popular on Instagram.


 12. Use ribbons

The ribbon is the last accessory to the gift box. But don't think that this is summarized. Ribbons can add a subtle touch to the original design in your design. And then the gift wraps around the ribbon, losing its appeal! I would even say: is a Christmas gift without a ribbon a Christmas gift?

13.    Labels

Usually, the label includes important information about your business or product. But with a festive label, it takes on a whole new dimension! Decorate it with Christmas symbols; add a little special touch to make your Christmas packing completely different.

14. Brighten up your packaging with a sticker

Stickers are items that can be placed anywhere you want. In your Christmas design, they can include a "Merry Christmas" or a small sign to refer to. Or another option: use a sticker to print your logo, it will make it stand out more.

15.   Add a Christmas decoration

Create a little extra by adding a little decoration to your custom-designed boxes. It could be a little bell, a star, a bow ribbon, a Santa Claus, etc. In short, there is always something to do with Christmas.

In a point of sale or at the foot of the tree, your packaging will carry the Christmas spirit throughout the store and make customers want to buy your product more than any other.

16.  Tissue paper or wrapping paper

Have you ever considered wrapping your product in tissue paper or wrapping paper before putting it in a box?

Consider the expectations created by the ambiguity of the tissue paper that covers your products. It makes a lot of jokes for customers.

The wrapping paper we provide with its Kraft color gives it a natural and natural look.

Also, the paper you put inside your Christmas box or box helps to enhance the quality view of any packaging. Using tissue paper or wrapping paper also helps protect your products by using them as a pad. Or do you prefer to use a wood crimp? Or both? All you have to do is choose your style!

17.    Add handwritten little words

Adding a little personal touch always pays off. Simply because we all like to feel appreciated. A little note with handwritten Christmas greetings or featuring your customer's name and a signature will add a nice, subtle touch to your packaging.

Especially in the age of maximum standardization and the digitization of society, a handwritten word will be even more valuable in the eyes of the customer.

18.    Print something inside the box

One way to make your packaging even nicer for your customer is to print a little something on the inside of the box. So, when you open the box, you surprise your customer with a personalization that is still underused by brands and therefore very striking!


19.    Give small decorations to your customers

For example, include a fir branch or a small pocket with stickers in your box and let your customer's creativity run wild.

Giving something extra is sure to mark the minds of your customers!

 20. Create a harmonious set of packaging