Eco-Friendly Reusable Shopping Bags

There is a growing awareness about the environmental damage each one of us is contributing towards, on a personal and institutional level. This has created a drive in different fields of the business world to create an overall work, product and profit flow that fits into the sustainable development goals the planet requires.

Using Eco-Friendly, Reusable Shopping Bags is a small but significant step that most of us have taken up in an endeavor to do our part. With the government enforcing strict regulation and pricing on the use of plastic bags, Mint Print presents a range of custom shopping bags and personalised gifts bag.

Eco-friendly bags have many advantages over general, plastic shopping bags. Here, we elucidate some of the advantages.

  1. Environmental Friendly: Goes by the name itself, Eco-friendly bags’ major advantage is that they are recyclable and are not an added contribution towards plastic pollution the world is reeling under. They are generally made of biodegradable materials that are infinitely more forgiving towards the environment than the plastic ones.
  2. Sturdier: The eco-friendly bags are made of jute or paper or other natural fiber materials that are not quite as easily torn as the thin plastic bags. This eliminates the need for multiple layers of packaging, reducing the shipping and packaging costs on the seller’s end and makes carrying them hassle-free on the consumer’s end.
  3. Cost Effective: As mentioned earlier, the hefty charges and taxation levied by the government on the plastic bags to curb their consumption have made them relatively far costlier in the long run than the reusable bags. A good quality, reusable bag is a one-time investment that saves you the price of one or two plastic bags on your every shopping trip.
  4. Style Statement: A well-designed custom shopping bag or a personalised gifts bag is a unique piece of art that can in itself be a beautiful accessory to your style statement and make a far more aesthetic addition to your attire while you browse through your favorite stores.
  5. Branding: A reusable shopping bag is not a pack in which you hand over your products to your customer. It becomes a marketing tool in itself wherever your customer uses them again. Hence, a customized, well designed, a reusable bag has to reflect your business branding and its goals.
Mint Print is an initiative to bring you the best of design, quality and eco-friendliness at the most affordable price so that your bags and packaging speak up for you on their own.