Custom printed packaging: many models for each of your ideas




Custom printed packaging is one of the most well-known products on the web, Mintprint prints it for you on luxury cardboard! You can purchase custom packaging and gift boxes at affordable prices on

Mintprint supplies you with a complete selection of gift boxes and cardboard boxes, customized with your own logo and customizable prints, able to meet all promotional gifts or more conventional.

Customizing your packing means printing your brand's logo with your address, contact number or site address. This consequently significantly raises its visibility.

Custom printed packaging is consequently a true communication tool because during its lifetime, the packing will communicate your brand where it belongs. This is especially true for transport packaging that may travel through United Kingdom, Europe or the entire world before reaching its receiver.

You can also choose to publish a particular message On your packaging as well as your logo to create an impression. Personalization is consequently part of your entire advertising plan.

From a more technical perspective, custom printed packaging offers additional security for transport packaging. Really, with the emblem or the name of your organization printed on such packaging, it's all but impossible to eliminate the packages!

In short, custom printed packaging has only advantages! So why not give it a try if it comes at a small extra cost?

There different options of custom printed packaging available in the market are:

  • Standard custom printed packaging: Cardboard box And luxury gift boxes, sleeves, cd and dvd cases, cd and dvd covers, personalized packaging and much more. Choose the solution that best suits your requirements and unleash your imagination!


  • Food custom printed packaging: Customized cardboard packaging for meals use color counter with inks made for food use, resistant to oil and dirt, biodegradable and recyclable.


  • Bottle holders: personalized packaging designed for special gifts, bottle holders are available in several types: cases, paper bags and single or double bottle holders. The cases, are made of personalized creased cardboard with the possibility of laminating
  • You can also choose from different models of bottle holder bags and print your visual in one of the available colors. Depending on the model, the cord is also customizable in different colors. Finally, the corrugated cardboard boxes bottle holders, single or double, can hold bottles with diameters ranging from 75 to 90 mm.
  • Package paper: Custom printed packaging for gift packages or food packages. Gift wrapping paper is perfect both for wrapping gifts and for creating personalized packaging for clothes or objects. Food wrapping paper is ideal for bakeries. It is resistant and protects your products from the outside.
  • Custom Printed Packaging for Shipping: Ship your products while transporting your brand and visual thanks to personalized packaging. This range of packaging includes plastic, waterproof and resistant envelopes, and strong and reliable cardboard envelopes to safely ship your confidential products and documents.
  • Personalized Magnetic Box: These are customized designed boxes covered with paper, foldable and equipped with magnets which facilitate opening and closing. These packaging boxes using customizable lids are ideal for improving your most sophisticated products.
  • Standard personalized cardboard packaging and food packaging deserve a separate chapter

Standard custom packaging printing includes:

  • Standard boxes: Custom designed boxes with automatic assembly in SBS cardboard, available in different dimensions and with the possibility of finishing. Classic personalized cardboard packaging for endless uses.
  • Oval cases: Custom designed boxes made of 360 g cardboard, cut, grooved and delivered flat.
  • Cases with snap-in back: Custom weight-resistant packaging that can be assembled in a snap. Delivered pre-assembled, they instantly become the ideal custom designed boxes for a promotional item or a small gadget, the custom packaging for jars and small bottles or, with the appropriate personalization, an elegant personalized cardboard gift box.
  • Reinforced cases: Protect your most fragile products and objects, choose reinforced personalized corrugated cardboard boxes. Made of corrugated cardboard, it guarantees protection and stability for your content.
  • Rectangular cases: Custom designed boxes with removable sheath ideal for obtaining a surprise effect, available in different formats.
  • Hanging cases: Self-assembly custom designed boxes with transparent PVC hook and front window. These are perfect for displaying small items.
  • Deluxe boxes: Custom designed boxes with swallow tail bottom and decorative closure with bow or handle. Perfect for gift boxes or to embellish your products and enrich the shopping experience.
  • Boxes: Custom designed boxes easy to assemble and also customizable inside. The boxes are suitable for multiple occasions, from simple gifts to in-store packaging, including boxes for ceremonies.
  • Hexagonal cases: Honeycomb-type corrugated cardboard boxes that can be personalized over the entire surface. With its particular design, this packaging box helps you stand out and enhance your product.
  • Triangular cases: Custom designed boxes also have an important role in the presentation and distribution of a product. The unique shape of these triangular cases brings out the product and exalts its originality. 
  •  Cardboard envelopes: Custom printed packaging available in 5 models in 360 g cardboard, perfect for shipping small items, even for long journeys. Its thickness protects the contents from impact, ensuring damage-free delivery.

Custom food printed packaging can be used in many contexts from cafeterias to pastry shops, including fast food and the cinema that sells popcorn. Every occasion, event or food has its model!

Advertising packaging: why bet on custom design packaging?

It is essential to bring the most beautiful glow to your packages, parcels and gift boxes. Custom design boxes, design, chic and stylish will always be considerably more attractive compared to classic packaging many times seen and assessed! These days, the value of advertisements packaging is well recognized.

Making packaging, in other words wrapping products along with other presents, is an old technique. It aims in particular to look after the demonstration with a view to triggering the action of order.

These days, the packaging is often as essential as the product itself. After that, a gift packed in a gorgeous gift box will see its own beneficiary completely won over. Picture and appearance is going to have a large effect in your marketing communication: thus do not be afraid to go all out!

To continuously seduce the attention of customers, it is imperative to cultivate a singularity and a personal identity. Custom printed packaging with your image means first of all displaying, on your product, the composition and the legal information inherent to its origin and its specificities.

But also to increase your branding: your advertising packaging will serve to convey your commercial message as to bring out the product at the head of the supermarket.

However, custom printed packaging must also keep its contents intact (freshness, fragility, transport, etc.). Also, depending on your needs, the packaging must be resistant to climatic conditions, temperature change.

For each specific product, its associated personalized packaging

Packaging, cardboard box, box, case, gift box, gift wrap

Small advertising packaging: perfect for mass communication

Custom printed packaging can be included in a mass communication strategy! For example, in the instance of the paper bag, it is cheap packaging, the minimal weight of which is intended for single use. This sort of little packaging will allow you to transport normal product, during a journey from the store to the home or to work.

Whether the consumer is walking in the street, by public transport or by car, this type of inexpensive packaging will allow you to market in the environment. Really, nothing such as a personalized newspaper bag can perform a successful local campaign! It'll safeguard your purchases, facilitate transport and can promote your franchise or announce an upcoming event.

In fact, depending upon how big budget, betting on advertisements' custom printed packaging will make it possible for you to gain excellent visibility in a specific area or just over a few km. In addition, the newspaper bag is well perceived in public view: it is a readily biodegradable communication medium, unlike vinyl packaging.

High-end products deserve luxury packaging!

To further boost the impact of your brand among your audience, it's vital to continue being consistent throughout the board. By way of instance, in the circumstance of top-of-the-range (so-called luxury) goods, your crowd is continually waiting for new goods, seduction and surprise consequences.

Investing on custom printed packaging will end up being an superb strategy for developing a fantastic reputation and getting ultra-positive client feedback. Therefore, treat yourself to endings that fit your packed products!

Nothing is too amazing to please, such as the magnetic cardboard box that could be personalized based on your own picture charter. In terms of the demand for simple transportation for individual gift boxes, then elect for a cardboard gift tote printed on your colors.

Why create custom printed packaging?

If your product quality plays a main part in the success of your enterprise, what about customized printed packaging? The packing is the very first thing you'll be able to see. It's he who will state the sensation of the person purchasing or receiving your merchandise.

When it's to appeal, to convince or to offer you a complete customer experience, custom printed packaging is a significant charm advantage for building a good marketing plan. Therefore, even though the principal purpose of your packing is going to be to keep your merchandise, it will continue to be essential to make sure that it accurately communicates your brand message and image, but your own values.

How to choose the right custom printed packaging?

1 / Define your sales strategy upstream. Would you like to communicate about a product, an event, a service? 

2 / How many people do you want to reach and what is your budget? 

3 / Not all audiences are created equal. Do you know exactly who should target your advertising packaging and how to speak to your audience? (Consumer profile, average basket, age, type of customers, etc.)

4 / What should your packaging contain? 

How to organize the information on a custom printed packaging?

It's very important your that advertising packaging creates an immediate effect. While there is no denying that amazing custom printed packaging is much more likely to capture the eyes. It's thus extremely important to arrange the info on your advertisements packaging to catch the attention instantly. In reality, ensure that your primary message is visible from afar and quite simple to comprehend.

What packages should I choose for the holidays?

Stunning advertisements' custom printed packaging may easily reflect the joyous character of an occasion and create excitement. Make the most of the wonderful events that indicate the year (Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Passover, Father's and Mother's Day.) to improve your turnover!

 Many components will make you visible: present paper, gift box and box, glue tape, decals on a roll. Don't to customize your packages along with your own logo. Upon receipt of the product or its disposal under the tree, then your manufacturer is going to be anchored at a sense of pleasure and happiness!

What packaging for mass communication?

For mass communication, we suggest that you go for paper bags. Made from kraft cardboard and so ultra-light, they are meant for single use. Usually, these kind of little custom designed boxes are widely utilized to transport normal product, or for a visit to be produced from the shop to the house.

What packaging for high-end communication?

Custom printed packaging is a magical asset which shouldn't be underestimated. When it's to thank massive clients or to get new markets, custom designed boxes may make the element of surprise desired.

Additionally, to encourage yourself to some very demanding clientele, then carefully pick the kind of packaging and its own layout. Nothing is too great to please. Coupled with luxury goodies, these custom designed boxes can allow you to begin or maintain an superb customer connection.



Our expertise is in custom designed boxes & custom printed packaging, these things have never been as important as they are today, with companies wanting their products to be more unique than ever before. While an interesting & eye-catching logo does play a big part in marketing a product, nothing comes as close as the effects of a visually appealing and striking packaging design. We understand a good design represents the creativity & personality of your company.