Use of Custom Cardboard Boxes in Food Packaging Trends 2020

Like all industries, the food packaging industry is experiencing interesting developments such as the invention of custom cardboard boxes, custom printed packaging, custom-designed boxes, and year after year, accompanied by increasingly important challenges.

With the growing importance of ecological concerns, the requirement to meet the needs of its customers while taking into account the societal dimension around custom packaging? So the companies have started to invent and innovate the food packaging trends by changing the technical aspect of the packaging while ensuring the protection of the product.

In 2020, trends are asserting themselves and moving the food packaging market to custom designed boxes.

Also, if 2020 should be marked by the democratization of recyclable packaging but also by the boom in intelligent custom food packaging, designers specializing in packaging should also have some pretty surprises in store.

 Eco friendly custom cardboard boxes

The main goal of eco-packaging is to increase the life of your packaging and making it reusable even after its initial use. Packaging designers will now have to consider and create packaging that is fully reusable, and not just recyclable in the choice of materials such as custom designed custom cardboard packaging boxes.

Taking into account the ease of transporting certain products can thus be another way of designing eco-packaging by giving it dual functionalities.

At a time when consumers seem to have "finally" become aware of the threat that plastic waste represents for our planet, brands should in 2020 continue their strategies aiming to eventually do without this material.

While some are turning to biodegradable packaging, others will seek by all means to reduce their packaging to a minimum such as custom designed boxes, forcing designers to think outside the box so that these products catch the eye and meet with commercial success.

Transparent Custom Designed Boxes

In 2020, the brands of drinks and skincare / beauty products will take great pleasure in integrating the color of their product into the design of their custom printed boxes packaging. While some brands do this in order to play the card of minimalism and elegance, others will seek more a color contrast capable of making their product stand out visually.

With consumers increasingly “aware and engaged”, it is important that brands are honest and transparent about the products and ingredients they using for their custom designed boxes. This innovative solution concretely responds to a growing demand from consumers to know exactly what is on their plates.

Minimal Use of Materials to Design Custom Designed BoxesAlso, to be as straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances, brands pick moderation in structure for their food packaging.

 They hence observe a method of imparting on their straightforwardness towards buyers and on the legitimacy of their offer, a method of being straightforward and straightforward in their assembling strategy of the custom cardboard boxes.

Minimal use of raw materials to design custom cardboard boxes helps to prevent the over utilization of resources. It has the benefit of featuring the necessary and basic part of the item while not diverting the enthusiasm of the customer.

We surrender the pointless to uncover the substance of the item - this is one of the establishing standards of moderation which, in packaging, in any case gives pride of spot to components, for example, shading and typography.

This strategy is amazing and permits you to truly stick out.

Interactive Packaging Of Custom Designed Boxes

Here, instead of creating interactivity between the packaging and the consumer, we create one between the packaging and the product. It's really cool when the custom cardboard boxes are designed with intelligence and creativity.

Narrative Packaging Using Custom Printed Boxes

In order to connect with their customers, some brands will need to leverage their packaging and make it tell a story using custom printed boxes.

These narrative packaging will be particularly interesting for brands mainly distributed online.

Indeed, the inability to be reached is a real weak point for products sold online and narrative packaging manages to arouse emotions in the customer, and compensate for this weakness.

2020 should therefore be a year when brands will use their packaging to tell their story and to get their message across.


the above methodologies implement the new food packaging trends 2020. These include rethinking the packaging using custom designed boxes to all the more likely adjust to customer desires. Presently biodegradable, associated, rearranged or adjusted to e-trade, it has not got done with amazing us. In 2020, subsequently, hope to see better custom cardboard boxes packaging that is more unique than the following!

One thing is certain, in 2020, packaging specialists will surprise you