Role of Packaging in the Buying Process

The First impression is the last impression.

 The Packaging works as an identity of a product.

 At times, it happens with most of us that we don’t pay much attention to the packaging of our product.. Out of excitement we just pluck the package off without giving it much thought. Subliminally there are many branding cues being communicated to us.

 Packaging helps affect consumer buying behaviour. It helps in driving SALES which can lead to SUCCESS for a brand.

 Companies need to create the right packaging for their products by

 1: Understanding the consumer buying process.

2: By understanding what role packaging plays individually that pushes the customers to make a purchase decision.

 The main reason for packaging is that it contains and protect the product, though it can also be used as an important tool for companies for promoting their marketing offer in order to boost their sales. Packaging helps the customers in differentiating the products from other brands and is also used for secure delivery and for safety purpose.

 Packaging elements such as colours, sizes, shapes might impact consumers to act positively. These components may also help to affect the buying behaviour of the consumer. Colours used in the packaging can help you to draw the attention of your customer as many companies use it to differentiate its product from their competitors and to attract prospective customers.

 Packaging helps to create an image of the product in the mind of the customer. If the company fails  to give any attention to the packaging, there is a chance that your product will be less attractive and less visible which can even affect the overall sales

 The marketing manager takes all the efforts to lead you to purchase. It depends on them how they take advantage of the packaging choices which may either lead to product success or failure.

 The importance of packaging:

1. It helps you protect your product from any kind of damage.

2. Preservation is another factor, packaging will help you to extend the life of the product in it.

3. For any store, shop their identification is very important. This is why the packaging should be done in such a manner that it leaves an image in the mind of the customers. like what’s in the package, what are we purchasing, the package can subconsciously play the role what it’s trying to sell or what the store sells.

4. Packaging can be done in a way that it is easy to use and handle and the package opening should also be easier, it should be handy and light in weight.

5. If the product is packed in a subtle and delicate way and your customer has purchased that product, he or she opens it with excitement, you can sense the appreciation from their face. This is how Packaging can even help you position your product and its value.

6. Packaging helps you make a connection with its brand and product. It can take your customer to an emotional frame of mind with the Quintessential packaging.

7. Packaging helps in building a brand for any store or shop with the help of certain elements such as aroma, visual, video, etc.

8. A packaging can even make your product more special and give a distinctive satisfaction.

Consumers now can buy nearly everything online even the items that you feel cannot be shipped in a small beautiful box. The well-designed packaging can be eye-catching which can differentiate your product and attract the consumers and help in establishing brand image and identity.

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