Get Your Own Personalized Shopping bags or Gift bags

Providing a personal touch to things is a very sensitive & intriguing concept in human behaviour. If you have invited guests at home and you serve them the food yourself then that gesture has your personal touch and it makes your guests feel special. Similarly, if you make a card for your friend as compared to an expensive card you buy from the market that has a personal touch. It makes your friend feel special and wanted. It is this feeling of being special that might earn you their love and loyalty.

No wonder the idea of personalization is no more confined to the personal space. The idea of personalized gifts has been commonplace for quite some time. Customizing or tailoring gifts to fit a person’s choice or accomplishment can be a great way to boost your interpersonal relationship with him or her. Most importantly with stores specializing in personalized gifts, you don’t have to put in much effort or time. Engraving someone’s name on a gift bag can make them feel special and it lets them know you put a lot of thought into gifting.

Brands leveraging on personalized packaging…

This idea of personalized gifts and packaging is now being leveraged by big brands. Why do you think your name is written on the cup of coffee that Starbucks serves you? It is to make you feel that the coffee was specially made for you. It is this feeling and gesture that will make you a loyal consumer of this brand. This personalized marketing increases customer lifetime value. Personalized marketing comes with personalized packaging—the name of the customer written on a shopping bag or a nice handwritten note for the customer can be quite a nice gesture. This has to start from the initial dealing with the customer as such relations are often made with the first sale.

Personalized gift bags or personalized shopping bags can earn you the loyalty of your customers and also make you win over new clients. With digitalization, brands often find it difficult to retain the secrecy of their unique selling point, making them vulnerable to their competitors. Experian conducted a survey that showed 87% of customers are okay with companies taking their personal information. But this also means that these companies will have to adequately capitalize on the information that they collect.

A McKinsey survey revealed that personalization increased the profit of a company by 15-20%. This data can be a great motivator for marketers who are cynical about the concept. When one customer feels special, he or she goes and tells others and this desire to feel good becomes addictive. This, in turn, increases the client base and helps with business growth. No wonder big brands are increasingly utilizing the idea of personalization as it is one of the most common ways of winning client loyalty.