Custom printed packaging


Packaging can be theatre, It can create a story – Steve jobs

Did you know that globally over 97% of consumers shop online these days? All this online shopping means a lot more shipping, most products purchased online are handled up to 20 times before reaching the customer's hands. To protect those products, online retailers resort to pilling on the packaging. Think of bubble wraps, Styrofoam and massive cardboard boxes. Most of which will go straight to landfill. In the US, over 165 billion packages are sent every year, requiring almost 1 billion trees to make that amount of cardboard.

According to a survey by the Roper Organization, consumers are willing to pay 4.6 percent extra for environmentally friendly products. As consumers have become savvier and aware of their environmental 

impact, e-Commerce business must step up their packaging to become eco-friendly.

Cost-effectiveness and increased shelf life of the product have augmented the demand for flexible packaging. Efficiently & profitably delivering quality flexible packaging to the marketplace requires designing and manufacturing products that are both “fit-to-use” and “fit-to-make”.

Flexible packaging adds value and marketability to food and non-food products alike. These packages may be in shape of papers, biodegradable plastic, metals and glass packages.

Some benefits of flexible packaging are as follow:-

  1. Flexible packaging reduces costs and because it reduces the use of packaging materials it is an eco-friendly alternative
  2. Flexible packaging is used to pack various edible items and electronic components.
  3. Laminated aluminium foil bags are used for tablets packaging and facial masks.
  4. Flexible packaging is easy to fill and seal and the package is printed attractively and does not need anything further.
  5. It is also lightweight and so its transport and warehousing costs are less and, in the stores, it makes for an attractive and eye-catching display without taking up much space.
  6. Consumers too find flexible packs a boon as they are easier to store, lighter in weight and often reusable.
  7. Flexible packaging is also considered ‘second use’ as a sustainable factor. It can be used to perform a secondary function, it will avoid the waste streams.

Mint Print uses eco-friendly material for packaging. We provide a versatile packaging material that can be used in many situations to protect your product and lower total cost. It provides sustainable packaging which is reusable and recycled. We offer customized and differentiated offerings. Our packaging is tamper-resistant, can help reduce theft and can help prevent harmful environmental impact.